Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The British Are Coming!

The British Showcase Anthology, masterminded by Adam Cheal and published by Markosia, is launching at Scardiff on the 27th of October. It weighs in at 144 pages, contains nineteen stories and features the work of over forty contributors - at least a dozen of whom will be signing the limited edition hardback release at the con.

My story, Gateway Drugs, has art by the ridiculously talented Row Bird and is coloured by my Cancertown 2 partner-in-crime, Pete Mason. It's lettered by the sharp-toothed Nic Wilkinson. Here's the blurb:

A domestic care worker is kidnapped by government agents in an apparent case of mistaken identity - but is the man he's tending his patient, his hostage or something else entirely?

Adam's done a stunning job putting this book together, offering support throughout the process and somehow juggling forty creators toward a single goal. I'm excited to read the thing myself.

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