Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Suddenly, Blakes!

Indifference Engine 2: The Suicideshow
Alan Blake, former mid-level programmer turned invulnerable murder machine, has spent the last year slaughtering his way through a web of interconnected parallel realities. Blackmailed by an insane computer built out of his own brain matter, he is forced into destroying every single alternate version of himself - until one of his targets unwittingly presents a possible way out. It's his only chance of freedom, and all it will cost him is the future.

Writer: Cy Dethan
Pencils / Inks: Russ Leach
Colours: Mike Summers
Letters: Nic Wilkinson

Indifference Engine 2: The Suicideshow is expected early 2015 from Markosia Enterprises. The first volume, The Indifference Engine: A Holographic Novel, is available now from Cy's Comicsy shop and all clinically awesome comic retailers.

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