Thursday, 5 November 2015

So Updates. Very Happenings. Wow!

Hey - remember back in August when I mentioned the Metal Made Flesh: Blood and Oil anthology? Major updates are afoot there, but here's a cheat-sheet of the significant highlights:

  1. Despite a crazy-positive first week, the original Kickstarter project for the book didn't hit its funding target. However, the campaign was relaunched a couple of weeks ago and obliterated its goal within the first few hours!
  2. The new campaign, at time of writing, has more than tripled its target and the book is definitely going ahead - albeit in a somewhat modified form.
  3. My story, The Final Piece of Me, has been divided into two parts as stretch goals. The first goal has already been hit, but it'll take another push to get it over the finish line for the second half to be included in this volume.
  4. The art for The Final Piece of Me, and I can hardly believe I'm actually typing this with my lowly human fingers, will be provided by Gary Erskine! Yeah - the artist of City of Silence and Jack Cross. I know: holy shit, right?
The Kickstarter closes on the 22nd of November, so now's the time to give it the final heave it needs. There are loads of pledge levels on offer on the campaign page, the most critical of which (from my perspective) is being closed in on right now. You can find all the details over there but, for a quick refresher on what Metal Made Flesh is all about, I recently heard it described as "Cyberpunk meets A Game of Thrones."

Next up: Thought Bubble!

God, I love Thought Bubble. This year, we'll be sharing a table with the amazing Row Bird, and sitting next to the Godfather of British comics podcasting, Barry Nugent in the Thought Bubble Marquee (which is where I understand all the cool kids are this time around). We'll be giving Indifference Engine 2: The Suicideshow its first Bubble outing, and sneaking out updates on the White Knuckle film adaptation. If I can muscle any eyeball-time out of a publisher, I'll be delivering high-velocity story pitches at every opportunity.

The main point of Thought Bubble, though, will be plugging back into the comics world for one glorious weekend. I'll be catching up with as many friends, co-creators and weirdly dressed strangers as I can, sharing old stories and building new ones. I hope you're ready, Leeds, because here we fucking come!

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