Thursday, 21 April 2016

Because You Can't Spell Cyberpunk Without C-Y...

Hey - remember that Kickstarter project I talked about a while back? Y'know, the cyberpunk one? Here's a quick reminder:

Izobel Vice is shedding her body ounce by ounce, discarding obsolete flesh for armoured plastics and murder-metal. Betrayed - reduced to vestigial organic components and at the mercy of cutting-edge killers, those last, wet scraps of humanity and the voice of a dead friend may be all that save her.

So yeah, that's the story I wrote for the Metal Made Flesh: Blood and Oil anthology from Subversive Comics. I was seriously pumped to get invited onto the project in the first place by powerhouse writer Jeremy Biggs and legitimate visionary artist Simeon Aston. Imagine the near-apocalyptic magnitude of my happy-face when they told me I'd be working with the legendary Gary Erskine!

Needle-drop to April 2016, and the first reviews for The Final Piece of Me are in. I'll, uh... I'll just leave these here... 
...Aaaaand, just because I can't help myself, a couple of highlights:
  • "Gary Erskine and Cy Dethan have set a very high bar for other indie comics to try and match."
  • "In this release we see Cy & Gary combining unbelievably well as they take an established character to new heights..."
  • "Nic Wilkinson keeps the lettering tight throughout and adds another element to a strong creative team..." 
Metal Made Flesh: Blood and Oil is coming soon. I'll keep you posted here, but check out the book's official Facebook page for all the you-heard-it-first-here updates.
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