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Approaching Infinity Part Seven: Iron Man 3 (2013)

Okay, then - Iron Man 3. If there's an over-rated entry in the reasonably sure-fire Marvel Cinematic Universe, then this is it for me. After the victory lap that was Avengers Assemble, the second phase of the MCU launches with two pretty timid efforts in this and Thor 2: The Dark World. The idea of Stark losing his shit after the Chitauri invasion and his brief adventure through the obligatory sky portal is a pretty good one. However, the meaty stink of Shane Black is all over this. That means a clumsily welded-on, utterly cosmetic Christmas setting and an insufferable kid who provides 20 minutes of empty screen time. On top of all that, we've got probably the biggest waste of a villain opportunity in the series so far. Speaking of which...

The Villain
So, the Mandarin probably ranks up with the top tier of Iron Man villains, but this film completely refuses to commit to its use of him. First he's a bog-standard terrorist guy with a Ten Rings connection, then he's a bog-standard Evil Shadow guy with flame breath and exploding henchmen, then (if you take the One-Shot short into consideration), he was never even there at all. To be fair, Killian's plan here seems pretty reasonable, by comparison to some of the others we've seen so far: control the War on Terror by providing both the ultimate evil and the means to fight it. The trouble for me is that they play Trevor Slattery's unmasking as this huge plot twist, when it actually changes nothing about the story. We already knew Killian was the bad guy, so revealing him as the boss instead of the second-in-command is a narratological wet fart. I've talked about this elsewhere on the blog, so won't rehash it all now. 

The Story
Tony's no longer dying from palladium poisoning, but his mind's fucked. He makes a rash threat and his house blows up as a result. A guy he insulted ages ago becomes beautiful and starts breathing fire because of super-botany. There's a super-smart super-botanist doing all this super-botany, who does an inexplicable double-heel/face turn and dies. Tony overcomes his mental health issues by killing a few guys with home-made gadgets and talking shit to a child. Along the way, Pepper Potts goes supernova in a nakedly obvious attempt to give her something interesting to do, but her contribution's quickly hand-waved away with some weird end narration. Also - and I can't believe I have to type this - the President of the United States of America is kidnapped, the Iron Patriot armour is stolen, exploding terrorists flood the streets, a founding Avenger is apparently murdered in his home - AND NO ONE EVEN THINKS ABOUT CALLING CAPTAIN AMERICA!

The Universe
For a film whose position in the chronology more or less requires that it anchor the MCU as it pushes on post-Avengers, Iron Man 3 does a great job of making itself irrelevant. AIM, an organisation with a long history in the comics and a lot of potential for use when Hydra isn't around, gets pissed down Marvel's leg. The Mandarin misfire may have closed the door on using the character well in future, as following up on the One-Shot tease would basically drive this film even deeper into redundancy. There's some super-interesting stuff done with Stark swapping suits on the fly toward the end, which really showed me something I'd never seen before. However, burying all that cool stuff in the middle of a fight scene that utterly depowers Stark's Iron Man seems like a... questionable choice.

I'll expand on that for a moment. The final fight scene includes about 40 empty Iron Man suits being flown remotely by the AI JARVIS. That's an army of Iron Men, and every one of them is orders of magnitude more effective than Stark. As he continues to demonstrate, the only thing he does by getting into the suit is hold back what it can do. In every way, it's better off without him.

The Stinger
Throw-away Ruffalo cameo in "goes nowhere" shocker.

The Take-Away
So, yeah. Not a big fan of this one. It's still very watchable, but I really feel that fawning over Shane Black for turning out a mid-range, very conventional film is setting the bar unnecessarily low. Iron Man 3 undermines itself in so many ways - and at the end of the day, you're selling a story that keeps Stark out of the suit for most of the time and goes to great lengths to show how totally superfluous he is when he's wearing it. It's a collection of weird choices for a one-hero showcase story. The end-credits montage from previous Iron Man films really makes it seem like they were closing the book on Robert Downey Jr's involvement in the MCU. Moreover, they're showing Stark systematically disentangling himself from it by blowing up his entire supply of suits, getting his heart damage fixed and basically passing the torch to Warmachine.

Of course, all of that character growth is immediately ditched in Avengers 2, and Stark is suddenly back with more suits and emotional damage than ever. In fact, literally nothing that happens in Iron Man 3 is carried forward in any meaningful way. Zero impact.

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